The project has a twofold basic goal. The first is to present a database of literary-cartographic models of fictional topographies of Czech prose that significantly thematise Prague. The purpose of the database is to make available map models of Prague's fictional topographies in Czech prose especially from the second half of the 19th century onwards, which will serve researchers to analyse and compare structural and morphological correspondences and differences in the ways in which Prague's topography is configured in literary works. The insights that emerge from such comparisons should contribute to a more systematic understanding of the more complex question of literary representation of Prague. The second aim is to present selected quantitative and statistical analyses that add another important dimension to literary cartographic models, which provide specific and unique information about texts that map models do not contain. By combining the two main methodologies (mapping and quantitative analysis) it is possible to arrive at results that are able to provide completely original and otherwise difficult to obtain information that has the potential to become a significant source of new insight into the way Czech literature has represented Prague since that period.
An integral part of the project is also the linguistic literary corpus, which adds another potentiality to the project consisting in the retrieval of selected linguistic criteria (collocation, concordance, frequency distribution of words, word types, retrieval of words in close contexts, etc.). For a description of the project structure and its features, see Corpus Structure & Segments in mane menu.

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