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The websites are still under development. All updates will be posted here in the News & Archive section on an ongoing basis. Each author corpus is first published in its language section to make it as fast as possible to work with. This is followed by cartographic models of the fictional topography of Prague and other quantitative models that relate to text segments, etc. The selection of authors you will find in the corpus is provisional. More authors will be added. Considering the large time span (19th-21st century), this is a long-term project, which thus fulfils the criterion of sustainability. If you have problems with viewing the dynamic graphs, try clearing your browser (delete browsing data in browser settings) and trying again. OCR of texts is performed by using ABBY Fine Reader. The map models are created in Adobe Illustratror If you find any errors, please send a message to:

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28. 6 - 30. 6. 2023: Richard Změlík attended an international conference in Sorbonne Université in Paris, where I presented conference paper entitled "The Potentional of Litery Cartography and Quantitative Methods for Literary Studies".

23. 5. 2023: Miroslav Vepřek, Vladimír Polách and Richard Změlík grounded The Center for Digital Humanities in Literary and Book Studies at Palacky University in Olomouc.

20. 4 - 21. 4. 2023: Richard Změlík attended an international conference in Columbia University in New Yourk City, where I presented conference paper entitled "Prague Topography in Hašek‘s First Part of the novel The Fate of the Good Soldier Svejk during the World War from Literary Cartography Point of View".

March 2023: Cartographic models of Švejk (1 part) by Jaroslav Hašek have been added.

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