Author's Corpora

The classification of authors and their works into three time frames is not, nor can it be, strict. For some authors, their work naturally goes beyond the century, which is rather indicative here. The order of the authors in each time frame is chronological. The list of authors is not comprehensive. More names will be added gradually. For actual inforamtion see .

19th Century Czech Novels

☰ Karel Hynek Mácha

☰ Jan Neruda

☰ Jakub Arbes

☰ Josef Jiří Kolár

☰ Julius Zeyer

☰ Karolina Světlá

☰ Svatopluk Čech

☰ Zikmund Winter

☰ Alois Jirásek

☰ Vilém Mrštík

☰ Ignát Herrmann

20th Century Czech Novels

☰ Karel Matěj Čapek-Chod

☰ Antonín Sova

☰ Jaroslav Hašek

☰ Gustav Meyrink

☰ Franz Kafka

21th Century Czech Novels

☰ Michal Ajvaz

☰ Daniela Hodrová

☰ Miloš Urban

The Whole Corpus

Under this link it is possible to search the entire corpus, which will be gradually updated depending on the expansion of the author's corpora. For actual inforamtion see .

☰ Searching the Whole Corpus

The Whole Corpus

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